Centralized Credit Registry

General: The Centralized Credit Registry (CCR) was established in 2005. The CCR holds the loan details for all bank borrowers, both retail and corporate, regardless of the amount.

Governing law: The nature of data submissions and submission procedures for the CCR are governed by the Law of Azerbaijan “On banks”, Article 35.4, and the Law of Azerbaijan “On non-bank credit institutions”, Article 22.1 and also in accordance with the Regulations "Issuance of Information on Debtors of Banks and Non-Bank Credit Organizations in the Centralized Credit Registry".

Data: The CCR stores loan details for both active and paid loans. The data include the borrower’s identification details, loan and collateral information. The Registry’s information is updated once a month, within the first 4 (four) business days of every month. Information on newly issued and fully paid loans will be posted to the CCR within 2 (two) business days from origination.

Responsibility: The data suppliers are responsible for the accuracy of the data they submit to the CCR.

Confidentiality: The borrower data collected by the CCR is subject to the privileged and sensitive data provisions of the Civil Code and the Law “On banks” of Azerbaijan.

Data usage: As of April 1, 2018, the CCR no longer provides access to data to data users, pursuant to the Law of Azerbaijan “On credit bureaus” (the Law), Article 23.3.

Access to debt obligation details: The first private credit bureau, the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau LLC (ACB) was established on January 15, 2018, which started providing access to debt obligation details to data users from March 6, 2018.

Procedure for providing information on debtors of banks and non-bank credit Institutions to the Centralized Credit Registry

Law on Credit Bureaus of the Republic of Azerbaijan