Regulatory legal acts

Normative Legal Acts

Rules on emission prospect and information memorandum requirements

Rules for subscription and placement of investment securities

Procedure for emission and conversion of Investment securities during legal entity reorganization

Rules on Requirements for maximum amount of  bond issuance

Rules of issuance and circulation of state and municipal securities

Rules of issuance and placement of investment securities outside the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Regulations on transactions with investment securities 

Rule of payments under contracts approved by notary order on disposal of securities 

Rules on prevention of bbuse in the securities market 

Rules for disclosure of information by the issuers in the securities market

Guidelines for emitter management reporting requirements

Rules for Repo Transactions with Investment Securities

Regulations on the National Bank's Repo REPO Transactions with State Securities 

Rule of placement and circulation of derivative financial instruments

Regulations on the issue of shares on consolidation, alignment and increase of their nominal value

Rules on Stabilization of Investment Securities 

Rules for the Revocation and Cancellation of Investment Securities 

Rule of the State Registry of Securities

Rule of disclosure of stock exchange information

Procedure for conducting research on securities and their issuers and disclosing information about those who propagate their results and propose or recommend an investment strategy

Registration of mortgage security, termination and pledge of foreclosure

Rule of calculation of mortgage bonds and mortgage loan payment terms  by weighted average method

Regulations on mortgage registry and requirements on reporting on the results of the mortgage checking by the superintendent

Rules of issuance of securities of foreign issuers in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Regulations on issuance, placement and circulation of short-term notes of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Issuance, registration and circulation of stocks of joint-stock companies created as a result of transformation of state-owned enterprises

Certificate of state registration of securities issue

Mandatory requisites of certified emission securities certificates

Rules on real estate certificates in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Regulation on Circulation of Prospectuses in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Rules of issuance and circulation of treasury bills in the Azerbaijan Republic 

Temporary rules for guaranteeing customs payments through simple promissory notes

Rules for accouting of promissory notes in Credit Institutions

Rules of issuance, circulation and payment of state domestic auctions of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Regulation on Pledge Paper 

Mandatory state social insurance premiums after the insured legal entities are liquidated

Rule about investment services by investment companies 

Rules on margin trading in the securities market

Rules for the trading subsequent system and clearing activities

Rules for compiling and submitting an investment company's report

Rules for the investment company's stable capital requirements 

Regulations on the minimum amount and formation of charter capital of the persons licensed in the securities market 

Regulations on requirements for formation of investment fund capital, composition, structure and management of fund's assets

Guidelines for external auditors requirements of investment funds

Requirements for investment funds and managers' reports, as well as their submission and disclosure rules

Rules for opening, carrying out and making money transfers by the investment fund deposit

Rules for external auditors of licensed persons in the securities market

Procedure for attestation for acquisition of qualification certificates on implementation of investment services (operations)

Ruled carrying out attestation of members of executive bodies of the persons licensed in the securities market and heads of branches of the investment company

Rules of attestation of shareholders investment fund and executive body members 

Regulations on the securities market of foreign legal and physical persons

Procedure for issuing depository receipts, their state registration and circulation