Disclosure requirements

Disclosure requirements

Information by issuers offered in mass trading and regulated market within Azerbaijan Republic is disclosed according to the Regulations on “Disclosure of information by issuers in securities market”. Information by issuers are followings:

1. Information on issue of securities:

- Issuance prospect or information memoranda;

- Report on the outcomes of issuance;

- Information on suspension of issuance;

- Information on failure of issuance;

- Changes made on issuance prospect;

- Information on issuance of securities for borrowing purposes;

- Stipulations on issuance of real estate certificates.

2.  Information on securities or derivatives:

- Information on recalling of bonds;

- Information on removing the securities from trading;

- Information on insider deal;

- Information on any changes in the rights described in securities or derivatives of issuer;

- Information on replacement of subject of provision of bond.

3. Information on the activity of issuer:

- Establishment documents of issuer;

- Annual and semiannual reports of issuer;

- Information on call for meeting of shareholders;

- Information on changes in the usage of assets gathered by mass offer indicated in issuance prospect or information memoranda;

- Decision on special deals;

- Insider information;

- Information on receiving and delegating important share;

Information on providing more than 5 (five) percent of amount of nominal capital