15.08.2019 11:07

FIMSA co-organizes a non-cash payment promotion and improvement seminar with Visa Inc.

As part of its efforts under the Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Financial Services in Azerbaijan, and the 2018-2020 State Program for Improvement of Digital Payments in Azerbaijan, FIMSA co-organized with Visa Inc., another event aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of bankers, and learning best practices of implementing innovative technologies. The event focused on
14.08.2019 15:30

FIMSA team visits the Russian Federation

A team of FIMSA’s officers went on an official study tour to the Russian Federation for non-bank payment services providers, including money transfer systems, electronic money institutions, as well as Fintech and recent legal reforms in the payment ecosystem. In a meeting with the management team of Zolotaya Korona money transfer system, FIMSA’s representatives discussed